Ninox started its business operations in 2016 and successfully completed projects in Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines with a focus on providing fast and accurate digital information of the built environment for property and infrastructure assets. Since its inception the company have successfully delivered 3d as-built models of clients properties, integrated future BIM design development models with digital as-built models and provided 3D construction verification for new build projects.


The company have also developed and improved workflows over the years to incorporate robotics and AI technology to enhance the companys value proposition. Today the company offers digital twin services for real estate at a fraction of the cost of many traditional methods adopted in the market and offers excellent economies of scale for estate and portfolio management.   


Another key component of our services is to leverage on the experience of our seasoned real estate and construction management team combined with cutting edge world class technology to bring exceptional value to the clients table.


At Ninox, we strive to provide a good and dependable backup for our clents and to complete our project within an effective timespan, at a reasonable budget.