The services that Ninox provides, supports the construction industry with the following deliverables. These include and are not limited to, the following:



- HDR images and CAD overlays for tender and bid proposal materials.

- 3D Pre-condition site survey.

- HDR images and 3D capture of vendor works.

- 3D quantification of bulk earthworks, stockpiles and pre-concrete works.

- Risk assessments material.

- 3D Construction logistics planning.



- Data for site planning and construction logistics in CAD & BIM format.

- Tracking data for worker and equipment movements.

- 3D as-built data for temporary works design. 

- 3D highway data integrated with traffic diversion design.

- 3D construction validation of actual construction works vs design intent.

- High res 360° images of construction progress.

- Digital capture of safety and environmental audits.



- 3D quantification of earthworks.

- 3D mock up of architectural finishes.

- 3D Scan and HDR image capture for bulk materials checking.

- 3D alignment monitoring of foundations and infra works.

- Thermal monitoring of building materials during the construction cycle.

- 3D as-built data for project records (Struct, Arch, MEP, Lanscape, Fire, Infra and specialist works).

- Data for forensic delay analysis.


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