Real Estate + Architecture, Engineering & Construction

As your trusted back of house support, Ninox help you pull together high impact visual information for your marketing, design or technical assement needs. Great attention to detail is taken to understanding the scope of the projects and planning loggistical operations and risk mitigation to optimise efficient image capture and colate powerful visual communication tools.


Virtual Tours of Projects + Real Estate Portfolio

We capture the current condition of your projects and provide secure immersive web based 3D walkthrough / flythrough of your construction site, floor plan, property development or an area for future development without the need to purchase additional software. Portfolio, project, sales & leasing and asset management professionals can share the visual content with partners, clients, tenants, buyers and other team members.  

3D Scan to CAD + BIM

We provide 3D scans which can be used for measurement and quantitification of elements within construction sites, full projects, master planned communities, built assets and future development sites and provide suplimentary services for converting the scans into CAD drawings and BIM models. We also provide BIM integration services to merge your 3D scanned model of the current built environment with proposed design changes to provide a 3D visualization for design collaboration by project stakeholders in design development. The same approach can also be used by your project management team to validate construction works against approved for construction drawings. 

HDR Photography + 360° Video

Our commercial photography services use high dynamic range photographic techniques to provide your team with high resolution images of your project and can be combined with our thermal inspection service and 360° video services to offer an ideal platform for real estate marketing, construction progress reports and inspection records of property assets.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Complimenting our 3D scanning service, we provide immersive digital VR environments with the option to incorporate AR elements which is ideal for training, design development, planning, sales & marketing. Each environment is designed to meet your needs and specific interaction requirements to optimise the experience for your team, partners, client and customers. We also offer augmented reality for your mobile devices.

2D & 3D Documentation

We provide 3D mapping and 3D reality capture models of the built environment to create 2D and 3D as-built records for lease area handover, project completion records and building element identification for facilities management.